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"Our aim is not to please the sensation-seeker who desires some new thrill for his jaded being, but to uplift mankind and make it find once again those inherent powers almost lost through lack of usage."
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Some Consciousness-Shifting Events

♦ A Spiritual or Mystical Experience

♦ A Near Death Experience (NDE)

♦ An Out of Body Experience (OOB)

♦ The Awakening of Kundalini

♦ Emergence of Past-Life Memory/s or Reincarnation

♦ A Shamanic Crisis

♦ Awakening of Extrasensory Perception

♦ Communication with Spiritual Guides

♦ Communication with Loved Ones who have Died

♦ A Synchronistic Event

Other types of experiences that may be more negative are:

♦ Possession State/s

♦ Experiences of Close Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

♦ Experiences with visits from Negative Spirits

Again, you are welcome to contact me if you desire elaboration or wish to discuss your own experience. My via e-mail is:


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