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Video Interview With
Alex Imich

     In October, 2013 I had opportunity to personally interview the second oldest living man in the world, Alex Imich, who was 110 at the time.I had never heard of Alex until the summer of 2013 and was pleasantly surprised to discover that he lived in my old neighborhood in New York City – the West Side.I contacted him and asked if he would be willing to let me come to his home and interview him.He set aside a Saturday afternoon for me, so I took my little hand-held camcorder with me and traveled to the west 70's.As a youngster, I grew up in the west 60's, so I was familiar with the area.

    His housekeeper greeted me at the door of the apartment on the 14th floor and brought me inside to meet Alex.He gets around his home with the help of a walker.I had seen some earlier data about him, which didn't include a walker.He was very amiable appeared happy to talk about his life.My only problem was his hearing – I had to speak very loudly in order for him to hear.As you listen to the interview, you will hear him talking in a low voice, and hear me speaking rather loudly, even though we were only two feet apart.You'll have to forgive my photography – there was no room to set up a tripod, so I had the camera in my lap, and some times the movement would send it out of focus.

     Our interview eventually became a discussion as Alex started to ask me questions about my background.Our discussion was shortened by the unexpected arrival of visitors who just dropped by.Alex has many friends who stop by to see that he is in good health and good spirits.As you will see in the recording, Alex is still going strong.

Paul Hauser
October 2013

Note: Alex Imich passed on, June 8, 2014, at the age of 111.

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