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The 20 Most Persuasive
Reincarnation Cases

The top cases — as determined objectively by the Evidence Scoring System —involving memories of another lifetime recalled spontaneously or elicited via hypnosis or a similar process, and demonstrating the survival of the human personality beyond the demise of the physical body.
— Listed in order by ESS rank. Click on the score to see the related scoring table.—

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Year Case Name and Identification Number Score Source
2009 One More Mission   [ID#65] 290 Leininger
2011 Ex-Actor Makes Comeback   [ID#79] 286 Tucker
1991 A Submariner Resurfaces   [ID#59] 284 Brown
1977 The Spirits Seller's Spirit [ID#76] 283 Stevenson.
1990 The Strangers Were Lovers [ID#60] 281 U.M.
2002 Guns and Rebirth   [ID#74] 279 Haraldsson
1963 Keeping Them In the Family   [ID#77] 278 Stevenson
1978 The Numbers of the Beast  [ID#21] 276 Netherton
1981 Coming Back Down Under  [ID#78] 276 Ramster
1993 A Town Reborn  [ID#23] 275 Rieder
1956 The Rebirth of Bridey Murphy  [#36]   -Hear Here 275 Bernstein
1995 Round Trip To Allentown   [ID#63] 273 Sightings
1999 The Policeman and the Painter   [ID#19] 270 Snow
1993 Family Lost and Found  [ID#61] 270 Cockell
1982 The Apprentice Murderer  [ID#22] 269 Goldberg
1978 Death In The Garment District  [ID#20] 268 Netherton
2003 My Mother's Brother Is My Father's Son [ID#75 ] 267 Stevenson
2006 Scotland Redux   [ID#81] 266 Robertson
1995 Having A Friend   [ID#72] 264 Andrade
2000 Dying To Meet Each Other  [ID#18] 264 Newton

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