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Interview With
Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson
Dr. Mitchell Earl GibsonInterviewed by Michael E. Tymn

Recently retired from the full-time practice of psychiatry, Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson now works as a clairvoyant doctor. “During the last ten years of my medical practice, I began to receive very strong clairvoyant impressions about events in my client’s lives,” Gibson writes at his website,, “At first I ignored them, but over time I began to realize that many of these impressions were accurate. Science had trained me to think analytically and to dismiss any data that could not be examined with an objective skeptical eye. I quickly learned that the scientific method offered only one window into the universe.”

Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson

Dr. Gibson, a resident of Summerfield, NC, further explains that he developed the ability to see auras and attachments around people during his residency, but, for the most part, he did not share the information with others. He retired from orthodox medicine to focus on further developing his gift. He began to experience samadhi, (an early stage of spiritual enlightenment), several years prior to his retirement from medicine. The experience of samadhi radically changed his worldview.

A board-certified forensic psychiatrist, Gibson received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then completed his residency training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. During his last year of residency he served as chief resident in psychiatry and received the Albert Einstein Foundation Research Award for his work in sleep disorders.

Dr. Gibson is a former chief of staff at the East Valley Camelback Hospital in Mesa Arizona and is currently a clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry at the Midwestern College of Medicine. A longtime member of Mensa, he has been listed among the top doctors in Arizona in Phoenix magazine on several occasions. He has also twice been named to the Woodward and White listing of the "Best Doctors in America". In 2003, 2004, and 2005 he was honored with listings in the Consumer Research Council of America’s compilation of the top psychiatrists in America. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American College of Forensic Medicine, and the American Board of Forensic Examiners.

An accomplished contemporary artist, Gibson has displayed his works in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and other cities around the world. He recently received the Jury Prize for Creativity awarded by the Museum of Fine Art in Paris. His work is published in the Encyclopedia of Living Artists and New Art International. He is the author of Your Immortal Body of Light, published in 2006 by Reality Press and has lectured extensively on various topics, including the soul, astrology, the spiritual causes of mental illness, human potential, cosmobiology, art, and creativity enhancement.

“We look at creation through the eyes of scientists, politicians, businessmen, athletes, journalists, singers, and even writers,” Gibson writes. “They are our Harry Potter priests that seek to bewitch us. University research facilities, sports arenas, movie theaters, shopping malls, concert halls, and luxury resort complexes have become our new place of worship. Research studies, television newscasts, magazine articles, newspapers, and Wall Street spin-doctors have dampened down our ability to think for ourselves. The illuminating ‘numinous’ experience has been consigned to holy men and philosophers – an age long ago – no longer a legitimate goal to seek for oneself in contemporary society. At least, many ‘fundamentalists’ would have us believe that is the case, but that is not what the Greeks taught in their temples. These priests chanted: ‘Know Thyself’.”

I recently put some questions to Dr. Gibson by e-mail.

Dr. Gibson, would you mind giving an example or two of the clairvoyant impressions you began receiving?

“One client presented with marital problems and depression. I saw a large, portly man hovering over her…he was using foul language and berating her fiercely. The memory sticks out because his skin had very large discolored areas. The client stated that she had been having nightmares about her father, a large portly man who argued with her constantly and was verbally abusive. He suffered from a severe case of vitiligo, a rare skin disorder.

Another client had purchased a large plot of land in Mexico and wanted my opinion regarding the investment. I looked at the transaction clairvoyantly and saw that the seller had been dishonest with the client. In particular, the seller did not tell him about a lien on the property that would take effect in less than ten years, effectively negating the sale, nor did he tell him about the need to purchase separate water rights, both of which I saw clairvoyantly. The client did his own investigation and saw that the process was indeed as I said it was. He saved over $500,000 in the process.

“Another client, an emergency medical technician, presented with intense suicidal thoughts and depression. I saw several entities around him that had died by suicide. The entities were entreating him to join him. I told him of my visions and he was shocked. He had hesitated to mention the entities because he did not want to lose his job. Depression was more acceptable a diagnosis than psychosis. We persuaded the entities to leave and he returned to work without the thoughts or depression.”

Did this clairvoyant ability manifest at a particular time or is it something that you had as a child?

“The ability began to manifest when I was about five years old. The first memory that I have is that of seeing a ball of bright light float into my bedroom and hover over my bed. I still don’t know what that was.”

How has the ability developed over the years?

“The ability was repressed for much of my adult life, especially during college and medical school. I did not want it to interfere with my training. The stress of residency however was intense and the visions began to come back. “In my book, Your Immortal Body of Light, I chronicled a number of incidents that helped to deepen and sharpen the ability. For a five year period, I communicated clairvoyantly with a being who identified himself as the Egyptian God Thoth. He explained the process by which my vision was developing and helped me to understand why it was coming through at this time. In one case in particular, I remember evaluating a young boy who had taken PCP, a powerful hallucinogen. The boy did not speak and he sat in a corner rocking. I saw a bright orange flare around his aura which quickly turned bright red. Instinctively, I left the room. Within seconds, the boy began to demolish the room and five nurses and nurse’s aides were required to quiet him. The ability to see auras is a fairly recent development, thanks mostly to Thoth’s teaching.”

In your book, you talk about “attaching spirits.” Is this a common cause of illness?

“Attaching spirits are very common. I liken them to mankind’s discovery of bacteria. We can’t see them without special instrumentation, but they can still affect us. Most attaching spirits do not cause problems, but a few types are very problematic. The same is true of bacteria. In time, I believe that we will discover that disease may be caused by pathogens that are more energy than matter. In effect, they bridge the space between solid objects and thought consciousness. In my experience, when a person dies with an illness, the soul will carry the energy pattern of that pathogen. If the soul attaches to another living human, that human may then manifest the illness carried by the departed soul. I have seen a number of illnesses remit after the attaching spirit leaves the body. This is an ancient belief that is held by a number of cultures. I am hardly the first to report this phenomenon.”

What exactly is a fragmented soul? Are all attachments by fragmented souls or are some by complete souls?

“The human soul is a gem shaped structure that has 617 facet like structures. These facets may break away from the main soul body during traumatic events, emotional trauma, surgery, drug abuse, etc. A living soul may be obsessed by a complete soul from a departed human being, or by one or more of these facets.”

Once you clairvoyantly diagnose a person with an attachment, how do you treat it?

“Over time, I developed a number of techniques that allow me to remove the entities that attach to an individual. Oddly enough, talking to the entity and asking them to leave is one of the most effective methods of treatment. I have also discovered some very effective ancient Taoist treatments that remove entities. There are a number of prayers that have a positive effect on the condition of attaching spirits. The Ana B’Koach, an ancient Hebrew prayer, has a powerful effect on spirits, especially when said over time. The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani, an ancient Sanskrit Prayer, has an equally powerful effect on attaching entities. We only remove the entity if the client wants to have the entity removed. There are some cases where the client does not want the entity to be removed. This happens mostly when the entity is a loved one or relative.”

Would you mind summarizing your philosophy of life and death?

“I believe that we live in a complex and wonderful universe that is bigger than we can possibly imagine. I believe that the universe is big enough to contain everything that we can hope or dream of…and then some.”

How have your colleagues reacted to your gift and your decision to leave mainstream medicine?

“My colleagues have been some of my best customers. Doctors are much more intellectually curious and open minded than the media tends to give them credit for. There are of course skeptics and detractors, but I have had some rather interesting discussions with prominent doctors, businessmen, judges, politicians, military personnel, professional athletes and a host people from many walks of life that have had similar experiences. Most people prefer not to talk of these experiences for fear of ridicule.”

Do you any hope for modern medicine accepting the type of healing in which you are now involved?

“Last year, we sold the rights to my story to a Hollywood production company…..they are shopping the script to a number of studios…..there is interest out there in this topic, it would appear.”

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