We KNOW the realities of the afterlife!
You can know them too!


Over the past two centuries, we have learned more about the realm of life we all enter after leaving the earth plane than humans have every known in the history of humankind. We know how people are prepared for their passing, what happens in the period of time after the transition, what the next realm of life is like, the reality of repeated incarnations on other planes and the earth plane, how people plan their lives, how entities and earthbound people affect people still living on the earth plane, what Jesus really taught about the afterlife and reincarnation, and characteristics of all other aspects of the life after this life.


The afterlife IS NOT A MYSTERY.
You don't have to wait until you enter it to know about it!


Most people transitioning from the earth plane are not prepared for what they experience; and most families don't understand where their loved ones are going. The Afterlife Research and Education Section of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness studies is sponsoring this conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 25-27, 2015, to bring together experts in what we KNOW about realities of life in the afterlife.


Who this conference is for


We want all people to understand the truths researchers and scholars know today about the afterlife, but especially

  • People grieving for loved ones who have left the earth plane
  • Hospice workers and counselors
  • Grief psychotherapists
  • Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers who work with dying patients
  • All others who help the dying and those who love the dying person

This conference will tell individuals who care for people preparing to make the transition what they can say about the events prior to and during the transition with confidence in the truth of their statements. We want them to be able to describe the realities of what will happen to the person after the transition. We want loved ones to be able to talk openly, with great hope and reassurance, knowing the truths of the transition their loves ones are about to experience.

In the air-conditioned comfort of the beautiful Scottsdale Embassy Suites hotel



Afterlife Researchers and Scholars Presenting Facts About the Afterlife


Presentations will be by prominent researchers, authors, and scholars describing the most up-to-date knowledge we have today about the realms outside of the earth plane. They will explain what we now know to be true about the following range of afterlife issues:

Preparation for Passing
and the Period After

  • Visions, greetings, and dreams before the passing
  • What happens during the transition off of the earth plane
  • Experiences after the transition
  • Reunions
  • Guides and rescuers
  • Changes in the person after passing
  • The process of moving off of the earth plane to the next level

Influences on People Still
on the Earth Plane

  • How guides, helpers, and loved ones communicate with us
  • Who becomes earthbound and why
  • How earthbounds can be helped to move on
  • Poltergeists
  • The influence earthbounds and other entities have on people
  • Nature and identities of the nonhuman entities
  • Interdimensional beings

Everyday Living on the
Next Plane of Life

  • Similarities to the earth plane
  • Time
  • A world of thought, creating reality, linked minds
  • Animals in the afterlife
  • Unborn children in the afterlife
  • Bodies, clothing, eating, drinking
  • Occupations and preoccupations
  • Levels, planes, and spheres
  • Environments and houses

Life Plans, Reincarnation, and Past Lives

  • The process of planning a person's life
  • Reincarnation
  • Past-lives and past-life regression

Religion, Spirituality, and
the Next Plane of LIfe

  • What Jesus really said about the afterlife and reincarnation
  • Religions, requirements, and religious activity in the afterlife
  • Growing spiritually into higher levels

Judgment, Reward,
and Punishment

  • The hell myth
  • The fate of suicides
  • Judgment and punishment
  • Rewards from a person's nature
  • The life review

Plus Updates on Afterlife Communication Methods Research


The 2014 New Developments in Afterlife Communication conference contained 16 methods of afterlife communication presented by 21 presenters. During the 2015 conference, some of the afterlife communication experts will return to provide updates about the communication methods.


And Pre-conference and Post-conference Workshops


The 2014 pre-conference and post-conference workshops were very successful. We will be having more workshops at the 2015 conference.


Some of the 20 Presenters Who Will Be Speaking

We are adding presenters during this planning period. Check back on this page.

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D.

Gary Schwartz is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona and director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He is author of several books: The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D.Experiments, The Truth about Medium, The Energy Healing Experiments, and the coauthor of The Living Energy Universe.

Gary now is developing an instrument that works like a telegraph through which people in spirit communicate. He calls it the "Soul Phone." Using the soul phone, Gary has successfully communicated with various people, including Harry Houdini.

Giesemann, M.A.

Suzanne Giesemann is the author of 10 books, a teacher of personal transformation, and an evidential medium. She is a former Navy Commander and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Suzanne shares stunning evidence from the afterlife that has been validated using scientific methods. She will reveal the keys to receiving evidential communication with the unseen world.

In her book and video presentation, Heart Gifts, Suzanne provides eye-opening evidence of our interconnectedness with each other and with all that is. Using lessons from a very special soul whom you will never forget, she shares the keys to achieving freedom from the ego, resulting in alignment with your true self.

Victor Zammit, Ph.D.

Victor James Zammit, B.A. Dip.Ed. M.A. LL.B. Ph.D, worked as an attorney in the Local Courts, District, and Supreme Courts in Sydney Australia. Through his investigations he was astonished to discover a hidden world of research that he felt provided overwhelming evidence for life after death. He has been sharing this globally in weekly Afterlife Reports for the last 14 years. Victor describes his experiences with mediums who aid people living in spirit to come back to earth with tangible bodies and clear, audible voices. The spirits speak, touch, and amaze the people present by demonstrating their physical presence in the room. Victor shares his experiences of sitting many more than 200 times with David Thompson, a physical medium from Australia. He also talks about ways to handle attacks by skeptics.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley has written more than 50 books published by major houses on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias. Her work is translated into 15 languages.

Rosemary has written eight books on dreams, interpretation of dreams, and how to have connections with loved ones who have passed away in dreams. She is co-author, with George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, of the ground-breaking book Talking to the Dead.

Roberta Grimes, Esq.

Roberta Grimes, Esq., an attorney with small-business law practices in Texas and Massachussetts, graduated from Smith College as a religion major and then from Boston University School of Law. Happily married for 41 years, Roberta and her husband, Edward, have three grown children and four young grandchildren.

After decades of afterlife research, Roberta eventually published The Fun of Dying - Find Out What Really Happens Next! (Greater Reality Publications, 2010), and is just releasing her new book, The Fun of Staying in Touch: How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them. She has traveled extensively to help people better understand that we are in fact eternal beings and we are infinitely loved.

She has been writing fiction since the mid-seventies. She has four published novels: Letter from Freedom (Wheatmark, 2014), Letter from Money (Wheatmark, 2014), Almost Perfect (Berkley 1992) and My Thomas (Doubleday 1993, BOMC Alternate).

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., is director of the Center for Spiritual Understanding, dedicated to research and practice in afterlife communications. He co-authored Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma with Allan Botkin, Psy.D. and Guided Afterlife Connections: They Come to Change Lives with Rochelle Wright. He is the author of the book, Your Eternal Self, and of articles titled “Applying the Science of the Afterlife,” “A Study of the Resolution of Grief by Guided Afterlife Connections,” “Afterlife Connections Psychotherapy,” and “Bilateral Stimulation and Afterlife Connections.” Craig is editor of Afterlife Communication and New Developments in Afterlife Communication. He is on the boards of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies and the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.

Carla Wills-Brandon,

Carla Wills-Brandon, M.A., is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the author of twelve published books discussing topics ranging from relationships, healthy intimacy, sexual healing, self esteem, sexual trauma, addiction and recovery to grief, death, afterlife research and spirituality. She has appeared on numerous television programs and has lectured across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Carla has researched, in depth, the universal phenomenon of the deathbed visions and has included her findings in her book, One Last Hug Before I Go and Heavenly Hugs: Comfort, Support, and Hope From the Afterlife. Deathbed visions usually happen when someone very close to death sees deceased loved ones in the room with them or in dreams. They are greeting them to help the dying person make the transition off of the earth plane. The experiences also happen to family members in the vicinity of a dying loved one to reassure them that their dying loved one will be safe and will live on.

Stafford Betty, Ph.D.

Stafford Betty has a Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, teaches religious studies at California State University in Bakersfield, and is an acknowledged expert in the afterlife. Stafford began his professional career as a specialist in Asian religious thought and the philosophy of religion, publishing in the leading journals in the field. He then began to study the paranormal. "Paranormal studies is the next frontier for philosophers and scientists to venture into," Stafford wrote. "It is a tragedy that an area of studies so filled with hope for all of us is commonly snubbed by leading intellectuals and trend setters, who refuse to even look at the evidence."

Stafford's book, The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World, is based on his thorough study of mediumistic sources that have described what their sources living on the next plane of life say about their environment and existence.

Stafford's second book is Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit. In it, he explains the mythologies that have developed around the ideas of heaven and hell. He explains what life is really like on the next plane of life.