Irma Slage, Psychic-Medium

Using Automatic Writing to Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Irma Slage is a psychic medium and author of Phases of Life After Death, Written in Automatic Writing, an inspirational account by spirits who answer the questions about life after death written in automatic writing through Irma. It contains insights into the meaning of life. Irma is also the author of Psychic Encounters A Guide to Having Your Own Spirit Contact. She has over thirty years' experience giving messages from the spirit world and comfort to those on earth who have lost them.

While sitting down to write a letter one day, Irma experienced something amazing that would change her life forever. The pen she was holding suddenly took over her hand, as if it had a mind of its own. She began to write a capital “G” over and over. The odd thing was that the “G” she kept writing wasn't her own. The style was foreign to her and she didn't know why she kept scribbling it. For some reason she stuck the piece of paper in her pocket and went about her business that day, which included a trip to her parents' house to help her father.

While cleaning her parents' kitchen, she noticed a message board on the refrigerator, which contained some of her mother's handwritten notes. She looked closer and her mother's letter “G” caught her eye. The foreign “G” that she had written was exactly the same as her mother's. Her husband compared the "G" letters and confirmed it. Her mother was beginning to communicate through automatic writing.

In Irma Slage's presentation, you will learn the following steps to use automatic writing:

Step 1: How to relax in preparation for automatic writing.
Step 2: How to ask your angels for help
Step 3: How to ask questions
Step 4: How to start writing
Step 5: How to read and interpret the message

Irma Slage is an author and lecturer who counsels people about their love, health, and career, past, present, and future, and gives messages from deceased pets. Irma can see deceased individuals and hear their voices as if they were in the physical world

Today, Irma assists law enforcement and conducts psychic readings nationally and internationally for individuals and families who want to connect with deceased loved ones. She has been featured on NBC television and has led television viewers on a psychic tour of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. She has also appeared on many radio stations and has been featured in major national and local newspapers.

She gives classes in hypnosis and automatic writing to help people have their own psychic communication and conducts workshops for past life regression.