Options During the Conference


If you have questions about these options, call Craig Hogan at 800 690-4232 or e-mail r.craig.hogan@spiritualunderstanding.org.

When you are ready to register, you may register online by clicking on the "Register" option in the menu near the top of the page or by clicking on a "Register" button that appears on some of these pages.

If you have already registered and want to add an event, go to Add Event.


Pre-conference Trip to Sedona

You may take a trip to Sedona on September 24, the day before the conference opens. The trip is explained below. If you do participate in the trip, the van will leave in the morning, so you must arrive at the hotel the evening before (Wednesday evening). We will be sending information about what time the tour will leave.


Pre-conference Thursday Evening Event

Post-conference Workshops