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IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons. For more information, read the Letter of Invitation from Russell Targ, President Emeritus of IRVA.

Remote viewing is a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. Used extensively by so-called “psychic spies” during the Cold War for classified military projects, it has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world. Remote viewing has now taken a long step into the public domain with the formation of a professional association to educate, research, propose standards, test performance, and promote public awareness of this unique human mental capacity.

The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) was organized March 18, 1999, by selected scientists and practitioners meeting in Alamogordo, New Mexico in conjunction with the first professional conference on Remote Viewing in Ruiduso, New Mexico.

The concluded objective was to create an organization that would provide a mechanism for evaluating the discipline called “remote viewing”, encourage scientifically sound research, propose ethical standards and provide overview educational information to the public.

One of IRVA’s major tasks is to maintain a credible and responsible Remote-Viewing focused internet site which presents:

  • Key existing published scientific findings
  • Newly-Breaking scientific published articles
  • Current educational options/considerations
  • Standardized On-Line testing
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