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Society for Psychical Research, Vernon Mews, London W14 0RL

THE SOCIETY for Psychical Research was set up in London in 1882, the first scientific organisation ever to examine claims of psychic and paranormal phenomena. We hold no corporate view about their existence or meaning; rather, our purpose is to gather information and foster understanding through research and education.  Read more about our history

We are a registered charity run by a council of elected members, with committees overseeing various activities. Past presidents have included philosophers William James and Henri Bergson, scientists William Crookes, John Strutt (Lord Rayleigh) and Charles Richet, and British conservative prime minister Arthur Balfour. We are always looking to increase our funding for research and education, through donations and bequests.

Our members represent a variety of academic and professional interests all over the world. We welcome active researchers and volunteer helpers, also those who wish to learn about the subject.

Our Publications

Members receive quarterly issues of the scientific Journal, which has been published continuously since 1882, containing reports of new research, book reviews and correspondence, also copies of Proceedings that describe occasional in-depth research. The quarterly Paranormal Review carries less formal articles on a variety of topical subjects.

Read more about the SPR Journal and Paranormal Review.

The SPR continues to argue the value of objective research and dispassionate elucidation of facts, regardless of their metaphysical implications. It has an important educational role to play, disseminating accounts of its work, and of psi research generally, for the benefit of individuals and for writers, journalists and broadcasters whose work may at times touch on these subjects.

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