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The mission of The Windbridge Research Center is to ease suffering around dying, death, and what comes next by performing rigorous scientific research and sharing the results and other customized content with practitioners, clinicians, scientists, and the general public.

In July 2017, the nonprofit Windbridge Research Center took over the peer-reviewed research on the topics of life after death and after-death communication that had been conducted at the Windbridge Institute, LLC, since 2008. The Center has also added non-profit outreach and educational activities to this research.

The Center is dedicated to performing scientific research and creating educational materials focused on dying, death, and what comes next.

Much of the work being done at the Center is an extension of the afterlife and mediumship research that was done at the Windbridge Institute, LLC, since 2008. The new non-profit Windbridge Research Center will focus on the charitable activities of performing rigorous scientific research and public education while parapsychology-related application development will stay with the existing for-profit Windbridge Institute.

So, what exactly is the new Center doing?

Continuing the mediumship research done at the Windbridge Institute, LLC.

Publishing Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (TJICS), a new, free, online-only, open access journal.

Providing relevant Fact Sheets and short videos.

Sharing updates on our website, on Facebook and Twitter, and through emails to our list.

Publishing original research in peer-reviewed academic journals and books.

Presenting our findings at meetings, workshops, and academic conferences.

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