Even though the evidence for Survival is convincingly presented in the Evidence Room of this library, inquiring minds are well advised to reinforce their convictions by reading reports written by other researchers or told, first hand, by those who have actually experienced evidential events.
In this aisle, you will find the classics of the genre – the oldies-but-very-goodies –generally written prior to WW II. They are often quoted and used as sources by contemporary writers, but you are sure to find many of them to be well worth reading in their original entirirety.
Other aisles feature works specializing in specific types of evidence.
Click on a title to purchase or learn more about an item. The opinions expressed in these works do not necessarily reflect the views of the Academy, its members, or staff.

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— Listed in alphabetical order by author.—
Barrett, William F., On the Threshold of the Unseen, 1918, 360 pages.
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, The History of Spiritualism, 1924, 680 pages.
Findlay, Arthur, On the Edge of the Etheric, Or Survival After Death Scientifically Explained, 1931, 177 pages.
Garland, Hamlin, The Mystery of the Buried Crosses, 1939, 352 pages.
Home, Daniel D., Incidents In My Life, 1864, 288 pages.
Hyslop, Ph.D., James H., Contact with the Other World, 1919, 522 pages.
Moses, William Stainton, Spirit Writings, 1883, 261 pages.
Myers, F.W.H., Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, 1903, 416 pages.
Owen, Robert Dale, Footfalls On The Boundary Of Another World, 1868, 536 pages.
Thomas, Charles Drayton, Some New Evidence for Human Survival, 1922, 262 pages.
Wallace, Alfred Russel, Miracles and Modern Spiritualism, 1874, 316 pages.
Westwood, Rev. Horace, There Is a Psychic World, 1949, 206 pages.
White, Stewart Edward, The Betty Book, 1937, 256 pages.