Call for Papers [2019 Conference]

We present the (2019) PSI CON: Aspects of Consciousness, a joint conference of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (ASCSI) and the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (SFF). The conference seeks to provide a forum for presentations, workshops and open discussions about the edge of science and spirituality. Our aim is to enrich the issues and contribute to the understanding of spirituality and consciousness with an encompass- ing perspective.

The conference will include both invited and contributed talks, as well as panel presentations and workshops. The duration of presentations will be determined by the number and quality of submissions received, and some submissions may be selected for a certain presentations. Written submissions should not exceed 500 words in length (including an abstract and author bio) and should be emailed to We welcome your submissions in any area that explores applications or research within the conference theme (“Aspects of Conscious- ness”) and the following topics:

Conference Topics:

• Mediumship
• Extra-sensory perception (ESP)
• Divination
• Out-of-body experiences
• Psychic phenomena
• Dreams
• Unidentified aerial phenomena
• Remote viewing
• New healing / energy work • Survival of consciousness

*Our deadline for submissions is May 1, 2019.

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