In this aisle, you will find books exploring the relationships between spiritual consciousness, physical health, and happiness.
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— Listed in alphabetical order by author.—
Batzler, Louis Richard, Through the Valley of the Shadow: A Guide for the Care of the Dying and Their Loved Ones, Hidden Valley Press, 1983, 225 pages.
__________, Journeys on Your Spiritual Path, Louis Richard Batzler, Hidden Valley Press, 1982, 145 pages.
Dossey, Larry, M.D., One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters, Hay House, Inc., 2013, 339 pages.
__________, and Blair Justice, Ph.D., Raising Lazarus: The Science of Healing the Soul, BookSurge Publishing, 2009, 224 pages.
__________, Beyond Illness: Discovering the Experience of Health,  Shambhala Publications, 1984, 207 pages.
You’re Not Finished Yet, Rev. Karen Herrick,Ph.D., AuthorHouse Publishing, 2007, 144 pages.
Keeton, Joe and Simon Petherick. The Power of the Mind: Healing Through Hypnosis and Regression, Robert Hale Publishers, 1988, 185 pages.
Landscapes of the Mind: The Faces of Reality, Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D., Eirini Press, 2012, 216 pages.
Reality Begins With Consciousness, Vernon Neppe, M.D., Ph.D., E-book, 2011.
States of Consciousness, Charles Tart, iUniverse, 2001, 320 pages.