ASCSI Member Benefits

In addition to being a part of a dynamic and growing organization dedicated to making a real difference in the world by educating people about the true nature of reality and their spirit self, members of ASCS recieve the following benefits. Household Multi-Memberships: Applications for membership may include the names of any and all adults residing at the same mailing address. There is no extra charge for additional members who share the publication subscriptions.

Publications: Each member of the Academy receives subscriptions to theJournal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies (twice per year) and The Searchlight newsletter (six times per year) Archives of the on-line newsletter, Spirituality Matters, accessed at Spirituality Matters! Archives is free to members and non-members. We are working on resuming new issues which will be emailed to those who opt in.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are lots of meaningful and productive ways to serve. Join our volunteer staff and help us bring enlightenment and solace to a wide and growing audience of seekers.

Conference Discounts: For ASCS conferences, registration fees for members will be reduced by an amount equal to the annual dues that they have paid prior to registration.


Frequently Asked Questions

FIRST, to encourage dialogue, exchange of ideas and cooperation among theologians, scientists, researchers, academics of religion, philosophy, and all scientific and humanistic disciplines in the fields of psychical research, quantum mechanics, consciousness and spirituality studies, new disciplines, as well as the historic sciences in the area where spirituality and consciousness interface.

SECOND, to work closely with all reputable organizations having related interests in the above fields.

THIRD, to conduct an education program for these scholars, the membership and the general public, blending existing data with the interchange of views stimulated in these scholars to the end that the academic, scientific and religious communities may be better informed about such facts and views, their propriety, value and respectability.

We have a variety of members from journalists or authors seeking authoritative data, a counselor searching for stories to assist clients, or simply one who wants clear and meaningful explanations regarding the reality of spirit and the afterlife, you will find the Academy’s website ( is an amazing collection of informative and fascinating materials. Our website has numerous cases showing the best evidence of the continuation of the human personality beyond the demise of the physical body.  Also includes biographies of the most important contributors to psychic research, as well as interviews with many of them.

You should join our organization because we are interested in discussing, studying, researching, and/or reading and hearing about all aspects of spirituality, consciousness, the afterlife, after-death communications, energy healing, mediumship, reincarnation, book reviews and much more, are sincerely invited to join with us.
As a member of ASCSI, you have the opportunity to take free online courses to learn about topics such as consciousness, remote viewing, dreams, psychic abilities, healing and more.  We also provide over 150 research links in over 30 separate categories regarding spirituality, consciousness, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, mysticism, healing, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, after-death communications, etc.  Our goal is to be the spiritual and consciousness hub for organizations, researchers, practitioners, and like-minded people.