Even though the evidence for Survival is convincingly presented in the Evidence Room of this library, inquiring minds are well advised to reinforce their convictions by reading reports written by other researchers or told, first hand, by those who have actually expeienced evidential events.
In this aisle, you will find the best books offering evidence that people have recollected living different lives in this or foreign realms.
Other aisles feature works specializing in other types of evidence.
Click on a title to purchase or learn more about an item. The opinions expressed in these works do not necessarily reflect the views of the Academy, its members, or staff.

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— Listed in alphabetical order by author.—
Allen, Miles Edward, Defending Bridey’s Honor: The Reality of Reincarnation, Momentpoint Media, 2013, 160 pages.
Bernstein, Morey, The Search for Bridey Murphy, Doubleday & Co.,1965, 352 pages.
Cerminara, Gina, Many Mansions, New American Library, 1950, 240 pages.
Cockell, Jenny, Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Children, Simon & Schuster, 1993, 153 pages.
Goldberg, Bruce, Past Lives, Future Lives, Ballentine Books, 1982, 276 pages.
Keeton, Joe and Simon Petherick. The Power of the Mind: Healing Through Hypnosis and Regression, Robert Hale Publishers, 1988, 185 pages.
Leininger, Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross, Soul Survivor, Grand Central Publishing, 2009. 256 pages.
Moody, Raymond, Jr., Coming Back: A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Jouneys, Bantam Books, 1991.
Netherton, Morris, and Nancy Shiffrin, Past Lives Therapy, William Morrow & Co., 1978.
Newton, Michael, Journey of Souls, Llewellyn Publications, 1996, 278 pages.
__________, Destiny of Souls, Llewellyn Publications, 2000, 409 pages.
Rieder, Marge, Mission to Millboro, Blue Dolphin Press, 1991, 184 pages.
Snow, Robert L., Looking for Carroll Beckwith, Rodale Books, 1999. 186 pages.
Stevenson, Ian, European Cases of the Reincarnation Type, McFarland, 2008, 270 pages.
Tucker, Jim B., Life Before Life, St.Martin’s Press, 2005, 251 pages.
TenDam, Hans, Exploring Reincarnation, Rider Books, 2003, 425 pages.