Hypnotic Regression Sources pertaining to Past Lives and Lives Between Incarnations:

What does deep hypnotic regression reveal?

But there is another source which is arguably equally, or nearly as reliable, as medium derived information. And the main source of this information comes from the soul of still living earthly human beings while under hypnosis. You may wonder how one goes about accessing the knowledge and wisdom content of souls. Dr. Michael Newton, considered the “Father” of the hypnotic regression study of discarnate existence, began developing intensive age regression techniques during the 1960s.  He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death in the Spirit Realm, (also known as “Life Between Lives”) through the use of spiritual hypnotic regression. He is the author of three best-selling books, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, 1994), Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn, 2000), and Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (Llewellyn, 2004). He founded the Newton Institute (TNI) in 2005.  Dr. Newton’s successor and first elected President of TNI is Paul Aurand, MhT. He was mentored by Dr. Michael Newton and is based in New York City where he founded the Holistic Healing Center there.  Aurand is an award winning Master Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years.

I recently asked him to describe Dr. Newton’s Life Between Life (LBL) process.  This is the answer that he gave me:

“Life Between Lives is a deep hypnotic regression to that very special time a soul spends in spirit between incarnations. During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones and other wise beings who help you explore your soul lessons, life’s purpose and other questions that you have prepared for the session. During this time in spirit many experience healing, unconditional love and oneness with all things. LBL is a profound, life transforming experience.

    “LBL regression therapy is based on research by Dr. Newton that spanned more than 25 years with over 7,000 of his clients. Since his initial research approximately 35,000 LBLs have been conducted by 200 LBL therapists in about 40 countries.

    “An LBL begins with a long and very deep hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to disengage and achieve a highly expanded state of consciousness. The actual regression begins with going back to some pleasant childhood memories.  From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth. Here, we get the first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on.

    “This is one place where LBL differs greatly from traditional past-life regression. Rather than doing a detailed review of the past-life combined with interventions, we want to use the past-life death scene as a doorway into spirit. Once the soul enters the spirit realm, the reviews, interventions and healings will be done in a most loving way by the guides and loved ones rather than by the therapist.

    “It is important to note that once the soul remembers returning to the spirit world, it enters ‘Now Time.’ Being in now time, allows for review of the soul’s past experiences and it also allows for insight and guidance about the current life and future events.” (Interview of Paul Aurand, MhT, pending publication in The Searchlight June, 2017, Vol. 26, Number 3, page 1) Following the LBL session the client returns to Paul Aurand’s clinic to review the tape-recorded previous session.

Paul Aurand’s mentor, Dr. Michael Newton, in his Journey Of Souls: Case Studies Of Life Between Lives, cited above, presented these additional insights derived from his review of thousands of case studies of his own patients: “Most of my subjects report the first person they see in the spirit world is their personal guide. However, after any life we can be met by a Soulmate. Guides and Soulmates are not the same. If a former relative or close friend appears to the incoming soul, their regular guide might be absent from the scene…”

“At a wat Temple in the mountains of Northern Thailand, a Buddhist teacher once reminded me of a simple truth. ‘Life,’ and he said, ‘is offered as a means of self-expression, only giving what we seek when we listen to the heart.’ The highest forms of this expression are acts of kindness. Our soul may be traveling away from permanent home, but we are not just tourists. We bear responsibility in the evolution of a higher consciousness for ourselves and others in life. Thus, our journey is a collective one… We are divine but imperfect beings who exist in two worlds, material and spiritual. It is our destiny to shuttle back and forth between these universes through space and time while we learn to master ourselves and acquire knowledge. We must trust in this process with patience and determination. Our essence is not fully knowable in most physical hosts, but Self [meaning Higher Self] is never lost because we always remain connected to both worlds.”

Here Dr. Newton is referring to a part of us sometimes referred to as the soul but also known as one’s Higher Self. This dimension of our being dwells in what Dr. Newton has named ‘Now Time’ and the quality of the mind state that dimension of our being experiences is what he calls ‘Superconsciousness.’