A Message From ASCSI President

The ASCSI website is a Spiritual/Consciousness/Paranormal treasure covering all aspects of human consciousness. It has over 500 Links on subjects such as Consciousness Research, After-Death Communications, Life After Death, Mediumship, Near-Death and Out-Body Experiences, Parapsychology, Spirituality and Reincarnation, and much more. In addition, there are other educational materials. In line with our Mission Statement, we’ve enhanced our website with new features that provide valuable tools and information for our members.

We encourage you to visit our website, www.ascsi.org, as often as possible as it grows more comprehensive to grow your knowledge in the many aspects of consciousness and spiritual studies. This site alone has links to hundreds of sources of useful information on the afterlife. If you are not a member of the Academy, please consider joining. It is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the world consciousness/spiritual movement, both on the professional level as well as the personal level, and you can all help us with that goal as we try to help you increase the level of your own consciousness and spiritual awareness. If you have any suggestions for improving our website to further our mission, please contact me at jebeichler@ascsi.org

Most cordially,

James E. Beichler, Ph.D., ASCSI President.