Alvarado, Dr. Carlos S. — assistant professor, psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences, University of Virginia

Beichler, Dr. James E. — Paraphysicist

Beischel, Dr. Julie — Director of Research at The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential

Betty, Dr. L. Stafford — professor of religious studies, Cal State University

Blum,Professor Deborah — Pulitzer Prize-winner, science journalism

Botkin, Dr. Allan L. — clinical psychologist, creater of Induced After-Death Communication

Butler, Tom and Lisa — Directors of the Association TransCommunication

Cocks, Rev. Michael — retired priest and author

Fenwick, Dr. Peter — neuropsychiatrist and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Fontana, Dr. David — psychologist and psychical researcher

Gibson, Mitchell Earl, M.D. — psychiatrist and clairvoyant

Greyson, C. Bruce M.D., — NDE researcher

Grossman,Dr. Neal — professor of philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago

Heath, Dr. Pamela Rae — a bridge between psychics and parapsychologists

Jones, Dr. Howard — scientist, educator, medical researcher

Katra, Jane Ph.D. — Teacher, Researcher, Spiritual Healer

Klimo, Jon Ph.D. — professor of parapsychology

LaGrand, Louis Ph.D. — professor emeritus at State University of New York

Limoges, Yvonne — Spiritist medium

McMahon, Joanne D. S., Ph.D. — Parapsychological Consultation Services, Inc.

Perry, Canon (Dr.) Michael — president of Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies

Prescott, Michael — bestselling author

Roy,Professor Archie — astronomer and psychical researcher

Schwartz, Dr. Gary, Ph.D. — consciousness researcher

Schwarz, Berthold E. M.D. — Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association

Serio, Rev. Dr. Harry L. — president emeritus of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies

Tart, Charles T. Ph.D. — a professor emeritus of psychology, University of California

Taylor, Dr. Eldon — fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association

Vandersande, Dr. Jan W. — physicist and psychical researcher

Zammit,Victor LL.B., Ph.D. — lawyer and psychical researcher

“Interviews” with the Deceased

These exchanges were constructed after the participant’s demise by using published statements to answer the “interviewer’s” questions.

Barrett, Sir William

Crawford, Dr. William

Crookes, Sir William

Edmonds, Judge John W. and Dr. George T. Dexter

Hare, Professor Robert

Hodgson, Dr. Richard

Hyslop, James H., Ph.D., LL.D.

Kardec, Allan

Laubscher, Dr. Bernard J. F.

Lodge, Sir Oliver

Moore, Admiral W. Usborne

Moses, Rev. William Stainton

Myers, Frederic W. H.

Richet Dr. Charles

Smith, Hester Travers

Wallace, Dr. Alfred Russel