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"History shows that every intelligent man who has gone into this investigation, if he gave it adequate examination at all, has come out believing in spirits; this circumstance places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the skeptic."

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Our mission is to discern, develop and disseminate knowledge of how paranormal phenomena may relate to and enhance the development of the human spirit.

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  Featured Discourse

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Flush My Ashes
When does the spirit leave the physical body and what ought we do with the remains?

  Featured Evidence

The Ramhust Revenants

In the mid 1800s, an American Congressman was convinced by his own lengthy investigation that two English ladies had indeed seen apparitions of an elderly couple who had once lived in their home. The apparitions provided information that could only be confirmed via extensive research.

   Featured Biography

Alec Harris
When Harris was 35, he attended a séance to show his wife how the “trick” was done. He soon changed his opinion and then developed into one of the best documented physical mediums of all time.

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From the President

This website is a Spiritual/Consciousness/Paranormal Treasure covering all aspects of human consciousness. It has over 700 Links on subjects such as Consciousness Research, After-Death Communications, Life After Death, Mediumship, Near-Death and Out-Body Experiences, Parapsychology, Spirituality and Reincarnation, and much more. In addition, there are other educational materials. In line with our Mission Statement, we’ve enhanced our website with the following: When you access our website, on the Home Page you will see new monthly selections of the four Featured items found in the library; the Commentary, Evidence, Biography and Interview. Special Academy news items will also be displayed on the home page such as the current conference announcement (see above), newly published books by members or other member achievments (Members, please be sure and send us your news for publication! ) ... read more
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New to Spiritual Experiences?
One reason, among many, that prompts people to visit this website is that they are seeking explanations or reassurance concerning a puzzling occurrence in their life. We have put together a list of some of the most common — a lot more common than you might think — events that can trigger a shift in the way that one’s consciousness relates to one’s spiritual essence. You may view this list here, and are welcome to contact us if you desire elaboration or wish to discuss your own experience. All the volunteers who make up the Academy are glad you stopped by and hope you find this site informative and our work gratifying.

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