Meet Our Executive Admin

Tyler Stevens is an independent researcher and consultant in the field of parapsychology and consciousness studies. He holds degrees in Social Science (BA) as well as Audio Engineering (AAS) and Video Production (AA). His psi research is primarily focused on remote viewing, ESP in children, out of body experiences, and extra-terrestrials.

His accomplishments in the field of psi research include conference presentations for both the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Scientific Exploration, a BIAL Foundation grant, and The Alex Tanous Foundation scholarship. He is currently a research associate of the Rhine Research Center and was previously the layout editor for the Journal of Parapsychology.

Tyler also has over 10  years experience in digital marketing and business development. His skills include content media creation, digital marketing, social media management, and website development. He has worked with multiple non-profits, individual researchers, scientific organizations, and spiritual businesses. He has previously consulted with companies such as: Apple, US Cellular, BIRD, Playstation, New Balance, PGA, Omega, Transformers, and more.