A murdered man employs a “fake” medium to protect his wife from his killer. A really great movie and a fairly accurate portrayal of souls who have not yet crossed over. Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. [1990]
Ghost Town Ghost Town
A good ghost story doesn’t have to be scary, or even serious; this one is absolutely hilarious. Ricky Gervais stars as a misanthrope dentist whose near-death experience results in his ability to see ghosts, or at least those having unfinished business in Manhattan. [2008]
It’s A Wonderful Life 
These days it’s easy to smile at the opening sequence’s special effects that show God as a sort of flickering nebula, but that’s probably closer to reality than most modern portrayals. As for the angel, Clarence, and the exploration of an alternate reality, well, this 1947 movie was way ahead of its time. Stars Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. Not just the best Christmas movie ever, a genuine contender for best movie ever made. [1947]
The Sixth Sense
Endorsed as fairly realistic by several psychics who, as children, could also “see dead people.” Bruce Willis stars as the psychologist and Haley Joel Osment as the perceptive child in the movie with the most suprising ending. Brilliantly directed by M. Night Shyamalan. [1999]
Topper Topper – the TV series
For many of today’s seniors, this television show was their first introduction to the idea of friendly ghosts … at least the non-animated kind. Topper is a situation comedy centered around a stuffy banker who moves into a house previously owned by a couple who were killed in a skiing accident. Trouble is, the couple, and their St, Bernard, refuse to move out.
What Dreams May Come
A man attempts to rescue his wife from her self-imposed hell. A very entertaining film with stunning visuals. Probably the most accurate representation of heaven ever filmed. Starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Annabella Sciorra, and Max von Sydow. [1998]