Paul J. Hauser

Paul J. Hauser, J.D., an
Officer, Board of Directors member, and loyal friend of the ASCSI died on the
tenth of December 2020. He died peacefully in his sleep and was later found by
his son at his home in Wellington, Florida. Paul suffered from congestive heart
disease. At that time, he held the position of Assistant Treasurer but had
previously been the Executive Administrator of the Academy. Originally from New
York, New York, where he studied Employment Law at Brooklyn Law School,
graduating in 1974, Paul then had a successful career in finance and
management. Except for his work with the ASCSI, he was retired to the quiet
life of a gentleman helping others with his spiritual training as an energy
healer. He had completed Reiki Master training in 2014 and received the DAO in
2016. Using these skills, he has helped others to improve their spiritual life,
as well as his own. In his own words,

Those who attended the last few of our conferences will remember Paul as the person who
Academy greeted them and registered them for the conferences, talked to them on
the phone about membership and general information, and wrote to them when
their membership was ready for renewal each year. He was literally our major
means and first line of direct contact with our regular members. Our heartfelt
thanks for all that he did for the Academy have gone with him as well as the
good karma from his good deeds with us. We wish him well and as much light as
we can in his new afterlife existence and habitat, where he will experience the
pure oneness of spirituality and wholeness of the universe.

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